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Packages of trips - Venezuela

Day 1- Arrival day no fixed activities, trip briefing at 5 pm
Day 2 - Flight from Caracas to Ciudad Bolivar, depending on the arrival hour visit the historic centre.
Day 3 - Early departure to south of Venezuela to the bordering town of Santa Elena, some time to stop at some view points in the amazing Gran Sabana.
Day 4 - After breakfast travel to Paraitepuy in a 4*4 vechicle our starting point to hike the Roraima Tepuy, today will also be out first day of the 6 days trek to this Tepuy. Camp in tents.
Day 5 - Day two of this trek we will hike to the base camp, quite challenging, enjoy the scenery of this beautiful National park with stunning views of the mountain range.
Day 6 - From our base camp we will continue our trek towards the top of the mountain, keep hydrated, after lunch we will go on our first sight seeing.
Day 7 - The whole day for exploring the area, visit the highest point of this mountain and its amazing caves and caverns.
Day 8 - Immediately after breakfast we prepare to descend back to our first campsite Rio Tek, a brief stop for lunch at the base campsite.
Day 9 - Hike to our strip start point, lunch then vechicle back to Santa Elena. Free evening for relaxing with some cocktails or Cervezas.
Day 10 - Return to Ciudad Bolivar which is the door to the Angel Falls.
Day 11 - Flight to the Canaima National Park, after lunch tour the lagoon of Canaima and its surroundings, swimming opportunities. Relax and enjoy this lost world.
Day 12 - Boat trip to the Angel Falls, brief stop at el pozo the felicidad for lunch then continue to the view point of the Angel Falls. Sleep in hommocks in the Jungle lodge.
Day 13 - Return flight back to Ciudad Bolivar,relax,dinner.
Day 14 - Flight back to Caracas, depending on arrival time visit the Avila national park via a Cable car.
Day 15 - Departure day, Hasta luego Amigos.
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